Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The (Insert First Name Here) Needs...Meme

My buddy, Mike, posted this meme on his blog and I decided it would be fun to play along. If you do this one, sign the Mr. Linky below so I can come see your answers. You can go see Mikes, too:).

Here is how this one works: Google 'your first name needs' and list ten of the answers that come up.

I came up with a total of 2,390,000 entries!

1. Phyllis needs to cut the apron strings.
2. Phyllis needs a lifestyle that allows her to be spontaneous.
3. Phyllis needs a hug.
4. Phyllis needs to get her own man.
5. Phyllis needs a new maid.
6. Phyllis needs to be with someone like Victor.
7. Phyllis needs to find a man who does not cheat.
8. Phyllis needs to work for it.
9. Phyllis needs support.
10. Phyllis needs a forever home in northern VA.

Thanks to a soap opera character with my name!!! I do like #2, #3, #5, #7, & #10:).



Mike Golch said...

Great listings,Here is the {{{{HUG}}}}

Khris said...

Hey there the list...going to have to go see if my name comes up at all the way it is Khris aka Khristina

Khris said...

No luck with the my name chicky...Khristina is obviously not too common..LOL..hugs Khris

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