Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prayer is happening at Beloved Mama's~

I found another site where prayer requests can be can also find others to pray for!



creativedawn said...

Hi Phyllis,
Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I always follow up comments made by bloggers by visiting their sites and I feel like I hit the jackpot today. Life is often troubling and can be full of sorrow; I find solace in prayer. We are having family problems here...two teens in the home and Dad...The teens 16 yo dd and 14 yo ds are very good kids; both scholars always on the "A" honor roll. Dad is a man who is not happy with his job nor is he particularly happy with our home life. Without going into all the gritty detail, Dad loses his temper and has tantrums (latest-slammed the kids cell phones on the floor and broke them) - his reason, he picked them up from school and was trying to talk to them, the dd (sitting in front with him) received a text from a girlfriend and Dad decided; after asking her who text-ed her and not waiting for the answer; that the ds, sitting in the back seat, had text-ed his sister so as not to engage in conversation with Dad.....crazy! They came in the door, children dashing upstairs to their rooms, him screaming...actually more like roaring about the kids and the phones (again); how they are text-ing when he is trying to talk....they are disrespectful. In an attempt to sort out the issue because I did not believe that the kids would do such a thing, I asked for the phones and read the text-es and times....the children did not text each other and in fact ds's phone was in his pocket. Dad is a good provider, but does not communicate with anyone here very well. He is a control freak and feels that he must have everyone on his know everyone has to "walk this way" and "talk this way" or he is pissed off. He left our home and spent nights out for a week following the "rage" incident. When he returned to reality, his justification for his terrorizing the children was that I push his "buttons". It is laughable actually...that one could base their bad behavior on the actions of question to him was, if that is true, where was I when you picked up the children, that I pushed his "buttons"...In an attempt to point out to him once again, that he, and he alone, is responsible for his behavior. He further blames me for "turning" his children against him...and once again, I stated to him that am doing nothing of the kind; in fact, I have been explaining to them about the stress that he is under... the problem is that long before the stressful issues, he treated everyone the same way. Well, you can imagine how delighted I was to come to your site and read the prayers and I did send him a prayer...thanks for listening...sorry for it being so long....and I will leave a comment that you can publish as this is more like an email....sorry

creativedawn said...

God is awesome! The power of prayer is awesome!....I am very happy you visited my blog and I have signed up to follow

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