Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Have u ever...?

Have you ever been in love? Is there still the littlest spark surviving deep in your soul...a spark that, if given some air, would consume both of you? Have you ever called his name out loud and he calls you on the phone immediately? Have you ever known someone who you can't see for years and as soon as you hear their voice, all of the time lapsed disappears? Have you ever wanted someone so badly that it caused your very soul to ache with longing? Ever have a connection that defied circumstances, time, space, logic, all that is holy? Can one note...the very first note of a song carry you back 25 years to a time when life was simpler and you were with him? Do you know the definition of "hungry eyes"? Ever have someone locked way down deep in your heart...kept there like a secret treasure because you know no one would understand? Does every true love song melt your bones? Has he ever been talking to you on the phone and his buddy drove up and says, "you are talking to so&so, aren't you?" This after 15 years of not seeing one another. How did his buddy KNOW? Seems I am the only woman who ever made him kick the ground out of nervousness. Now that's precious~


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