Sunday, April 12, 2009

Open letter to NapWarden~

Hello Cynthia...this is Phyl from Scrappy n Happy in OH. Since I so loved the ladybug design you did for me last year you are the natural choice for a designer for my new blog:).

Life has brought some wonderful changes and the new blog is to reflect them. The short of it is this...I am head over heels in love with a man I had not seen in 23 years. God has healed me and made me whole...then I got to see My Beloved!!!! There is a story(just the beginning) on the blog u can read if u wanna...for background.

Here are the particulars: White woman curly hair-black man bald and sexy...still crazy for each other after all these years. Maybe her in a white guaze summer dress...him in cargo shorts and a white muscle shirt? The beach, wooded areas....he LOVES food, she smiles or giggles all the time...and is starry-eyed over this dude.(In fact, he curled my toes with a kiss...and I gotta tell u...that never happened before in 49 years of life:).

We have a 24 year old daughter together...he has another daughter and 2 do I! I am gonna be with him next weekend...and I am soooo

I want a blog set and maybe even a twitter page:). Possibly my own logo kinda thingie. Don't u love it when I talk technical?

Check it out. It's still basic cos I wanted to let u work ur magic before I got social-bookmarking and link Three columns, plz.

Other Links:
Love story:)
See pics of us here.

I am excited to work with you again!


Nap Warden said...

I sent you an email my dear:)

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