Friday, April 3, 2009

I won $250.00!

Debt Goal sponsored a contast on Facebook and I entered. I had to write a 75 word essay on my best thrifty decision. Here is my entry:

The best thrifty decision I made involves traveling with family. We rent vehicles using the weekend specials, pay tolls, buy gas, food, and drinks for the road then split the total. Once there everyone covers their own motel rooms, meals, and spending money. We often qualify for family rates. We have reward memberships at Enterprise, Wyndam Motels, and various gas stations so we often get freebies plus we use coupons found locally.

This came in e-mail yesterday: Jacqueline sent you a message.

Subject: Thriftaholic Competition!

Hi Phyl,

I work with and would like to congratulate you as the winner of the first "Confessions of a Thriftaholic" competition on facebook!

I'm sure you're excited to receive your $250. prize! To issue you a check, we'll just need you to fill out a W9 form for us. I can email you this form, if you'll provide me with your email address. Then we can put a check in the mail to you!

Thanks for sharing your fun thrifty tip with the community! Let your friends know, and spread the word - April is financial literacy month, so it's a perfect time for people to check out

Please let me know if you have any questions.

- Jackie
This is the announcement from Debt Goal's wall on Facebook:
Congratulations to Phyl Williams, winner of's first "Confessions of a Thriftaholic" facebook competition! Phyl's thrifty tip received the most votes by fans, and we at like the spirit of fun, family and collaboration at the heart of Phyl's tip! Just because the contest has wrapped up - don't let that stop you from sharing your best cost-saving and debt-reducing tips here.

The prize is $250.00 which I am applying to my portion of our next trip!


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Congrats on the win!

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